About Us


Each year at SERAG Inc’s Annual General Meeting a Managment Committee is elected by the Membership.

The committee's function is to faciliate the smooth operation of the group and to ensure that the energies of the organisation are focused on and directed to achieving its two goals.

The five essential positions are Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and general Committee Member.

Other roles may be created as needed and members may be co-opted to the committee for specific tasks. 

The committee meets regularly to manage the group’s day-to-day functions and activities, which include raising funds for restoration projects, coordinating bush-care activities, encouraging volunteer involvement, advocating for Estuary care, and fostering community awareness relating to the Swan Estuary’s three Marine Parks and associated Reserves: Alfred Cove, Milyu and Pelican Point.

Our efforts are directed to hands-on restoration and conservation work, advocacy and community education.

To ensure effective communication between the committee and the wider membership, a quarterly newsletter is produced and circulated.

An Annual Report is also prepared for each Annual General Meeting .