A-Class Reserve Number 33803 – Milyu Nature Reserve – is situated adjacent to the heavily-used Kwinana Freeway in South Perth. It abutts a significant area of river shallows and seagrass meadows.

Because it is a very narrow strip of foreshore abutting major infrastructure, it is too small to enable natural processes of regeneration to take place. It is exposed to weather conditions, and with no 'fall-back' - erosion is a significant problem.

Successive infrastructure projects associated with the Kwinana Freeway and the construction of a bike pathway have placed enormous pressures on this site, as has disturbance from the nearby jet-ski area.

Milyu is used by migratory wading birds principally during the day, when tides are too high for other places (such as Point Waylen and Alfred Cove) to be used for resting and feeding.

 Collecting litter at Milyu (Photograph courtesy C O'Neill)

Milyu is the Aboriginal word for Samphire, which is the low-lying and succulent vegetation found at the site.